The Ultimate Guide: What Is the Best Time for Safari in Tanzania?-Animals in Tanzania Safari -Tanzanian -cheetah in Serengeti

Tanzanian Cheetah

Facts about the Tanzanian Cheetah

The Tanzanian cheetah, also known as the East African cheetah, is a subspecies of the cheetah native to East Africa.

In all, there are five subspecies of cheetahs in the world, of which the Tanzanian cheetah is the oldest and largest subspecies. Although they can be found in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia. The best places to see them are the Serengeti and Masai Mara, where most of the population lives.

Five Facts about the Tanzanian Cheetah:

  1. Archaeologists have found remains of a Tanzania cheetah that dates back a few million years, making them the oldest subspecies of cheetah to date.
  2. Although Tanzanian cheetahs have the second-largest population, after the most numerous South African cheetah, they are still listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN. The main threats for the Tanzanian cheetah include poaching, habitat loss, and larger predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs.
  3. The average cheetah measures from 110 to 135 cm in length and weighs between 20 to 60 kg. However, the average size of a Tanzanian cheetah ranges between 40 to 60kgs in weight, and 200 to 220cm in length. Despite this, Tanzanian cheetahs still have a leaner build than the other subspecies.
  4. The Tanzanian cheetah has a pale coat that ranges from tannish to a white-yellowish colour. They have spots all over, except on their white bellies. The spots begin to merge toward the end of the tail to form dark rings followed by a white tuft at the tip of the tail.
  5. Tanzanian cheetahs’ main source of food are antelopes, with their favourite being the Thomson’s gazelle. The Thomson’s gazelle is often found grazing in the savannas and open fields of the Serengeti ecosystem, where the cheetahs can chase and catch their prey at full speed.
tanzania cheetah in serengeti
The Ultimate Guide: What Is the Best Time for Safari in Tanzania?-Animals in Tanzania Safari -Tanzanian -cheetah in Serengeti

Where is the best place to see the Tanzanian Cheetah?

If you would like to see a Tanzanian Cheetah in the wild, please contact us. We will help you plan the perfect safari to suit your interests, budget and schedule. The best lodge to see cheetahs in all of Tanzania is the Namiri Plains. Our team recently visited and was amazed at the amount of activity in this quiet eastern part of the Serengeti.

Want to know more about Tanzania adventures?

Contact our team! We have been to all of the top destinations in this land. Our Arusha-based adventure consultants will gladly share our travel tips and help you plan the trip.

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